Hamilton Island
General Information:
Hamilton Island is the second largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands and is situated close to the east coast of Queensland. Unlike most islands off the east coast of Australia, Hamilton Island is used almost exclusively for tourism, however it is the home for a growing number of residents, both employees working there, as well as people choosing to retire and enjoy the lifestyle.
The island is on long term lease from the Commonwealth government by the Oatley family. The Oatleys own and run Hamilton Island Enterprises which operates the majority of accommodation and businesses on the island.
The island issued its own distinct license plates from 1989 which are only valid on the island and are not recognized by the state of Queensland. All plates are showing a small guppy fish.
As of 2003 these special plates are no longer used and have been replaced by regular QLD plates.
Plates in my collection:
Hamilton Island

HI = Hamilton Island
Numbers issued: HI-1 to HI-800
HI = Hamilton Island
Numbers issued from HI-801 to HI-999, plus re-issue of older serials