Johnston Island (Atoll) (USA)
General Information:
The following information was derived with thanks from the Alpca Archives: NOTE! THESE PLATES ARE NOT LEGITIMATE; I have recently made contact with the man who was in charge of the entire operation on Johnston Island two years prior to its evacuation by the Navy. His name is Ben Janacek and he has a site on the Web. These plates were made up as souvenirs and were never ever used. As part of a promotional scam they were placed on some vehicles, photographed, and then removed. In particular some versions with "FIRE" and "POLICE" were made and similarly photographed so they could be sold to collectors.
Identification of vehicles on Johnston Island was accomplished in 3 ways. Sometimes a DOD number was painted right on the vehicle. In some cases U.S. Government plates were issued and these were similar to all other U.S Government plates. Lastly some vehicles which were barged to the island retained their original jurisdictional plates - in most cases from Hawaii. Collectors are warned to beware of buying these plates unless they collect booster or Souvenir type plates. They WERE NEVER USED ON THE ISLAND
Plates in my collection:
Souvenir plate - See the description above !!