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Then sites showing collections as well as sites where plates can be purchased.


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License plate clubs around the world



Number Plate Collectors’ Club / NPPC



De Taksplaat

No website / Contact :






Autokennzeichen Sammler – AKS



Associazione Italiana Studio Targhe Automobilistiche – A.I.S.T.A.


The Netherlands

De Nummerplaat


United Kingdom



United States of America

Automobile License Plate Collector Association - ALPCA


Informational license plate sites  Site showing most plates of the world  Extensive site of the Dutch collector Herman Hallo  Much info on current Dutch license plates (both in Dutch and English)  Site with info on current Belgian plates  A Spanish website with photos of licenses plates from all over the world


Interesting sites with plates for sale  Site by Drew Steitz / Great international stuff !!   Many plates for sale, primarily USA/Canada  Site by Mark Goodwin  Site by Jim Moini / Many low-priced US-plates  Many graphic plates for sale  Many reasonable priced plates for sale  Great source for US-plates  Great source for USA-plates  Older and newer license plates, mainly USA  US plates for sale  Offering beautiful US graphic plates Numerous plates for sale by Jeff Francis (former Many low-priced plates for sale



Interesting sites of fellow collectors  Great site with links to other sites dedicated to license plates  Extensive information on Alaska plates by Royce Williams by Pascal Laisney, mainly US Plates, Native Americans and Lighthouse    Great site of five Barcelona-Spain collectors with their own collections  Great site for tribal plates by Vance Fulkerson / Great site on mc-plates  Site by Daniel Hediger, a Swiss collector of mainly US graphics, Australia and Switzerland  by Eric Getchell / Plates and plates-history of the Bahamas by Norm Ratcliffe / Much info on State and Highway Patrol plates Plate museum in Germany by Sven Rost (Only in German) by Mike Sells showing USA and Canadian plates of the bicentennial year 1976 by Joseph Sallmen / All info on Canadian plates  by Joseph Sallmen / Extensive info on Japanese plates