Hello site visitor.  My name is Hans Stedehouder and I am living in a suburb of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

I have been collecting license plates since early 2005 and am working on this internet site in order to show my collection to anybody interested, rather than only storing it in crates in the attic.


Meanwhile, the majority of my collection has been uploaded. However, parts of this site are still under construction, like my tradelist. It takes a lot of work to put everything together. Updates are being made regularly. So far 9,603 plates have been loaded. The last additions can be checked by pushing the “New Added” button at the top of every page. A new feature is that now also the pictures of the newly added plates (grouped together) can be seen by clicking on the first line of the list on the left side of any page.


I am now focusing on ‘cleaning’ the site, meaning I am adding the descriptive notes to the plates and countries.

Any comments or additions will be welcomed.


I recently installed new buttons. The “Links” button is now also operational. The “Trade List” will hopefully become operational shortly. Under “Favourites” my most favourite plates are shown. More details on these plates can be found under the respective countries.


I hope you will enjoy visiting my site once in a while.


Hans Stedehouder





I am a member of:


Alpca #10043 (USA)

Frog Hollow Tag Trader #252 (USA)

Europlate #924 (England)

AKS #258 (Germany)

De Nummerplaat #282 (The Netherlands)

De Taksplaat #297 (Belgium)

NPCC #1144(Australia)


You can find my Ebay feedback under hans2194.